Calendar of Events!

Welcome to my crazy life!

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My calendar years of 2017 and 2018 are completely FULL and I am not adding new teaching dates to these years.

2019 Booking is now open for Quilt Shows, Festivals, Retreats and large venues only.

 My goal is to make myself more accessible to larger groups for Quilt Market, Quilt Festivals, Quilt Shows, etc. with more accommodation for larger workshop space (up to 50 per class) so we can make MORE quilters happier.

The larger festivals and shows don't book that far in advance, and I've missed out because my calendar at one point was booked solid with no wiggle room for 5 years. I was missing opportunities.

I will open the calendar to guild booking for 2019 in January of 2018. :)

I am not booking dates with quilt shops at this time. 

Thank you for understanding. Quilt On!