Monday, December 22, 2014

Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 4

Have you made it this far?

Have you packed it all up in a tote for AFTER the holidays because company is arriving this week?

Don’t worry, it will keep until the holidays are over and you can get back to working on Grand Illusion after you finish putting all of that lovely Christmas décor away, setting the house back to normal.

I’m one of those who wants to sweep it up and out as soon as Christmas is done.  Dec 26th?  Pack it up!  Start a new year….

But I’m up here at the cabin and there isn’t an awful lot to put away, and I think I’ll leave the lights on the front porch until New Years.  And the hubby can take them down and put them away for yet another year!

This week’s clue was a repeat of Part 1, with a couple variations in fabric and color placement.  I hope that you caught that you are to make 40 of EACH of the color arrangements shown in this first photo.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunny December Sundays

Who can resist this girl when she wants to go out on a long Sunday morning hike?

Bundle up!  The sun may be streaming but jackets, hats and gloves are required attire.

But that morning air, it smells so good!

Let’s go mama!  There are smells to discover and squirrels to chase and I’m ready to go, so hurry! Hurry!  Hurry!

Okay.  Let’s go!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Getting Bindy With It!

I think I have finally let relaxation catch up with ME.

I slept in, took Sadie for a long 2.25 mile hike, had a late breakfast, and I sewed.

Potato soup was made for lunch.  Our favorite.  Recipe HERE.  Leaving enough for tomorrow’s lunch as well.  Like most things, it is best the next day.

I napped.

I woke up when it was dark.

And most of all I relaxed and sewed when I wanted.

If I am going to sit and hand stitch the binding down on  the Big Boise State Monstrosity  tonight while watching some TV, The binding has to be cut, sewn, pressed and attached before the netflixfest can begin.

Over the past few years my binding techniques have changed.  I’ve grown to like a narrower fuller binding, and went from cutting my strips at 2.5” to then 2.25” to now 2”.  And I’m happy with it.  I don’t lose my points if I am binding the edge of a pieced border, and lets face it, I’m saving 20% over the cost of binding with 2.5” binding strips.  I can bind a big quilt like this one with 1/2 yard of fabric instead of nearly 3/4 a yard of fabric.

But mostly, I like the look of the 1/4” finished binding.  Nice and full, nice and tight.

Go Big Blue!

My family has a tradition of standing proud and true to their alma maters, wherever that will be.

And with so much family living in and around Idaho, there are loads of Boise State fans on both sides of my family.

It’s not unusual for late night text sessions to go back and forth between The Hubster and his older brothers when games are playing.  Being on the East Coast means that the games can go long past midnight.  On nights like this, I go to bed solo.  LOL!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Quilt Some, Bind Some, Quilt Some Again!

Hello from Quilt Villa!

We made the great escape this afternoon as one of the doors we ordered for the cabin was IN at Lowes.  Those doors we ordered in October.  The doors that were supposed to be here before Thanksgiving…..well, maybe next Thanksgiving anyway!

But I am happy to say that I have made strides over the past couple of days in the studio, and I now have plenty to bind during Christmas Movie Fests in the basement by the warmth of the fireplace.

The baby quilt is quilted, trimmed, label on, and binding ready to sew down.

Didn’t it turn out cute?

Grand Illusion, Part 4!

Grand Hotel Murano chandelier
Are you ready for some more fun?

This is the Murano Chandelier that hangs in the Cupola Bar at the very tip top of the Grand Hotel, offering a panoramic view of the Straits of Mackinac and the Mackinac Bridge.

Isn’t it gorgeous??.

Can you see the ceiling?  It’s striped like a circus tent, aqua and white!

The carpet is a vibrant blue and the while walls, windows and railings add a clean modern touch you wouldn’t expect to find in such a historic place.

This was our meeting place after our workshop day was over.  A great place to sit and relax with students, other instructors, and get to know each other a bit better over some snacks and beverages before dinner.

Things turn formal after 5pm at the Grand hotel, but the lounges like this accept more casual attire.

It was May when we were here, but winter was still holding strong in May of 2014:

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Writing, writing, writing….QUILTING!

This is Sally, my Singer 328K.  She was made in 1963 in Kilbowie, Scotland – the same factory that made the 221K, or Featherweight.

She is a tank.

She feels nearly industrial and she has a mean, zig-zag, one of the few zig-zag machines that I own.

She fits in the same cabinet that the 400 and 500 series machines do….and I haven’t played with her much.  She does take decorative cams, but I haven’t had time to really play with them and find out what the stitches can do on this old girl.

But let me tell you, she is a battle axe, and you would fall in love with her from the moment that frog’s eye light bulb goes shining down onto your project!

I saved this project until this evening….I spent ALL DAY up until 7pm  writing writing writing.

We want to spend all next week up until the 27th at the cabin, and all the writing of the mystery parts for the next 3 clues needed to be ready to go before I head back up to the mountain. 

I also had to write out all the mystery steps to a quilt I’m teaching in Plano over New Year’s at Fabric Fanatics!.  A different mystery!

The Life and Times of Fabric…

This is the fabric I chose for the border of the baby quilt.

1995?!?  I wouldn’t think this was that old, but that is going on 20 years!

It’s the perfect blue.  It carries on the “plaid theme” with just a bit more punch and whimsy.

I had yards and yards of this at some point, and I’m down just to a bit of it.

I bet you didn’t even notice it in the Ring Around the Hexies quilt I did in collaboration with Mickey Depre:

Back cover of pattern booklet:

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Galaxy-Gram! Good Intentions of Border Stuff!

And then there are those days...

Where you thought you were going to get a lot of sewing in, but everything else that has been left undone for 2weeks suddenly takes precedence and sewing time is once again pushed toward the back burner.

It's not all bad!

Sometimes, it's really really good!

Like a late afternoon massage appointment, very much needed, and a light dinner after with a friend that you have missed repeatedly due to crazy schedules and cars with dead batteries.

Of course, there must be a run by the ATM on the way home, and text messages reminding you to stop and pick up milk and a few other things at the grocery store since you are driving right past it on your way.

Once the car is unloaded, you finally look at the clock on the stove to find it is after 8 p.m. And the day is gone, long gone!